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How To Play:

Once you have the app installed on your smart device, connect to the TV App by logging in and entering the four-digit code displayed at the bottom of the TV screen once the TV app is running.

There must be 2 or more players connected in order to begin. Once all players are logged on and displayed on the TV, tap "Start" on your smart device. Listen as the host guides you through the round on the big screen.

One of the players is chosen at random to draw the secret word, while the other players get ready to guess the word. The drawer draws on his or her smart device and the artwork is displayed in realtime on the TV. The faster the player guesses the secret word the more points he is rewarded. The drawer is also rewarded for his amazing work of art once the word is guessed correctly by another player.

For the next round, a new player is chosen to draw a new secret word for everyone else to guess. There are as many rounds as there are players. In the end, the player with the highest score is the WeDraw Winner!

Don't worry, if you didn't win this time stay logged in for revenge as a new game begins!

This game is brought to you by MOVL. If you enjoyed WeDraw, check out WeTeli, Your Social Video Jukebox.


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